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About 2017-05-28T12:48:04+00:00

about. the project

The project was born soon after i hosted people through Couchsurfing in my former one-room flat in Salzburg. I am using it as my profile extension for you to learn more about me. Furthermore, the aims to gather people and encourage them to share their experiences in leaving their comfort zone, exploring the world and embracing life.

I would say this is a travel blog. It’s about people on their way stopping by at my place or about me stopping by at other people’s places. About the discoveries we make and the stories we share, but there is more to it. It talks about the things that remain if we leave the unnecessary behind. It is about finding and growing confidence in others and in life.

about. you

I like to meet people. I would like to know you and your way of life if it seems to correspond. Also I want to invite you to take part in the project if you feel like sharing your insights. I believe that everyone has meaningful things to say as we are all on the same way. Everyone is constantly leaving comfort zones while searching and evolving.

In case you are on Couchsurfing and reading this because you travel to Salzburg please send me a request. You can check my home section on the actual profile to find out if we match. If you are in Salzburg or coming to Salzburg and you are not a Couchsurfer yet, just drop me a line and we can meet up anyway.

about. me

Growing up in Salzburg I left my comfort for the first time when I was 22. I found my mind clearing up when I walked on a pilgrimage in Spain. Discovering that simplicity is the essence of happiness, it took me years and more walking to implement these findings into daily life and to finally stay in my hometown.

I was longing for the sense of community experienced when walking ever since. Going in the same direction with others for a positive motive makes it easy to connect. Along with the realization that the vital things actually fit into a small backpack these connections became the only thing that really matters.

more. about

…you will be my roommate rather than my guest. I prefer the term as it seems more natural and balanced. Having guests comes with expectations from both sides. Living together instead of me providing a space.

…you can write a post or tell me your story and let me write a post. Stories can be about your travel, your project or your experiences and personal growth. Most topics fit, because we are all learning from each other and growing steadily.

…we will work it out. I am not an experienced writer either. Writing and other forms of creating content are a communication skill. If you are willing to share your thoughts with me we will develop that skill together. As my friend Semih said, you don’t have to be perfect, just be real.

…the tutorials on this website will teach you step by step how to get started. It is easy. There are lots of skills to develop when running a website, but a basic Travel blog is setup in an instant.  If you have the right tools from the beginning you will be surprised how smooth it is.