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How to find a Couchsurfing host?

Finding a Couchsurfing host can take a lot of time and sometimes seems impossible. After all you ask a stranger to let you sleep at their home for free. In addition, active hosts get more requests than they could possibly accept. In busy places it can be up to

By |2017-10-31T15:12:45+01:00October 28th, 2017|Couchsurfing|16 Comments

Why I am on Couchsurfing?

I walked a lot in the past. You wonder what that has to do with Couchsurfing? Walking on the Camino Santiago in Spain I shared a room with people every day and got used to it, everyone does. Once used to not having privacy there was no need to

By |2018-01-02T23:19:17+01:00April 23rd, 2017|Couchsurfing|20 Comments